Wednesday, October 27, 2010

We are animals

I was once asked what would it take for me to kill someone. I struggled with the thought trying to come up with a smart answer for the question. " What would it take for me to kill someone?" Killing ma parents, raping ma child, ripping me off all ma wealth. this and more were among the thoughts that came to ma mind. justifiable reasons for me to wanna take a life. But again, is it worth it?

I've heard someone was bashed to death by a baseball bat over a video game feud. A man taking his kid for holiday only to butcher them, then commit suicide because the wife was suing for custody. A 12 year old kid shot to death because he was openly gay. A man lighting up a cigarette and putting a tanker ablaze because he was not willing to pat with 100/= to get fuel from the overturned tanker. The end result being 100 plus people dying and others in critical condition.

A neighbor turning against a neighbor just because he speaks with a different tongue. A father hammering all 10 fingers of his son just because he took 5/= from the counter. A lady boiling a kettle of water as though preparing a cup of tea, or better yet, getting ready to prepare a meal of ugali only to find that the final destination of that hot water will be to the face of that fair lady she perceives to be after her lover. A mother sunk so deep in debts to the point that the zeal to live is drained from her eyes finally holding her months old child by the legs and smashing its head against the wall. Painting the wall with a mixture of brain and blood, later cutting open her wrist. A son who has some land dispute with the mum taking a hoe and driving it in her head. These are some of the causes that has brought one mortal to ending a life of another.

Its stated that man is the only creature that kills for fun. Much as we are placed above other animals, they kill for food, protection of family and territory. Can the same be stated about we mortals?? We don need a reason to kill - no. Not really. We are animals, and humanity is just but a line that keeps us in check. Its what distinguishes us from the other animals. Do away with it and we are no different to the cannibals of the Serengeti.

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Nairobi International Trade Fair

If you are a Kenyan living in Nairobi, you know what dominated the whole of the week past - The Nairobi International Trade Fair. All roads were leading to the show grown along Ngong road. From primary schools, secondary schools, to the prestigious tertiary institutions. All who were taking agricultural related entities were headed there.
That is not to assume that all that were in the show ground were all interested in the agricultural sector, or had a stake in the sector. Each person had their own intentions of going there. The good thing is that the gates were open for all who had that small monetary contribution to offer. Students going there for academic purposes, entertainers, parents taking there kids for a weekend out, shoppers who were looking for goods at a reduced price, business entities showcasing their wears, alcohol slaves who came for the infamous DS, and this being Nairobi, how can we forget our beloved pickpockets :-)

This year round I was tasked yet again with the responsibility of being my cousins guardian in the event. I was in charge of both security, and finance. So I woke up early, and unlike most men...I took my usual 2hrs of preparing myself(NOHOMO). Took the route from Eastlands and headed to town. Took another matatu to the Nakumatt Junction where I was to meet my uncle and my cousin. From there it was straight to the show ground. Upon arriving at the gate, I came in contact with one of my worst enemy - a queue. It took us like 40mins or more to get past the entrance and into the grounds. Once in all that my mind was occupied with was finding one cold drink capable of freezing my entire body.
So we started going round the grounds pretending to be interested with whatever they were showcasing. All that was important to me at that moment was my cousin(now that I had found a cold drink) and all that was important to him was the fun fare. So we went to the fun fare and the 1st stop was the merry-go-round. Now, for all those who are over 20 and have never taken that ride, my word of advice is "DON'T".
Intellect + possibilities + final destination kind of movies = a freaked merry-go-round rider
Wen the ride started, I curled my legs from fear of hitting the tents below(naive me thinking that the sit was that low). As speed accelerated, all I was seeing was the possibilities of the chain snapping and sweet Innocent I landing butt first...with a thunderous bang on Ngong road. As I was picturing all this, my 10yr old cousin had escaped my mind. All I was thinking of was Me, Me, Me, and some more Me. The ride started to slow down and the fear of hitting the tents came back...and like a good church boy, I curled my legs again.
After the ride...I needed something to cool me down, so a sugar rush was a best option. Cotton candy does the trick just fine. Walked around with my ball of pink cotton, pinching and eating...sharing it with my cousin. Next stop was the bumper ride. Now that was a kids affair because I don't see myself inside one of those mini rides and all other car drivers are 13 and above years younger than me. After the ride, my cousin saw this tent with the writings "Kichwa bila mwili" and being a kid that he is, he was eager to see a man hiding under the table only leaving his head above a table to give the impression of a head on a plate talking. He went in and mins later came out saying that that stupid head has a body(mhhhh...a sharp kid i see. or is it stupid headless man who cant hide his body well?? I'll never know).

We know started taking walks around the ground bumping into the thousands of people who had graced the ground too with their presence. The sight of school kids brought back memories form ages ago. A group of 4 boys....2 older, and 2 somewhat younger. The group stopped at a Farmers Choice stand and all but one boy purchased some sausages. From the looks on his face one could see the yearning and desire the boy had for some sausages too. But sad that he came to the show will a thin wallet. For a moment my cold heart melted and felt like buying the boy a sausage or two. But just as quick as the thoughts came to mind, they were as quick to exit.

We finished our walk around the ground and started heading for the exit. Through the back entrance, to Jamuhuri estate, to Ngong road, and finally Junction. As I was parting with my cousin, his last words were "I had fun. Si next year tutaenda??" And from that...all I can say is "Till next year again"

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Narcissistic Son of the Soil

Its evident that I have no romantic bone in my body. And if I did have one, lets just say its one of those rids the male species is told to have been knocked out and the rib taken from them. Reason am stating this is because, a while back I was at a friends place for a sleepover. And most if not all of us know how people most of this things go. Was sat at the sofa and my friend started to kiss me. She is cute and all, so I played along. A few minutes later we were both naked caressing, kissing.....well, u get the picture. The episode went on to the climax and after ones get to the peak....we 'cum' down. So we headed for the showers, took a shower and we were back to the sitting room. She served me dinner and we started watching a movie.

After the dinner and all, she comes to me with the pretext of 'let's go and sleep. Its late and I we both have an early morning'. Yah, right! I had just started watching another movie and I requested her to let me finish the movie then we go to bed. She kept insisting that we both retire to bed though it was may before midnight (I never get to bed before midnight).
So I told her to let me finish the movie then we can both retire to bed. At this juncture it was clear to her that I kinda value the movie more than her. I posses not mind reading powers so I can not state how that made her feel. She gracefully took an exit and went to bed. I watched that movie, finished it, then started another one. At around 4pm I woke up and found the movie running. So i turned everything off and slept on the sofa. 6:35am I tap on my shoulder wakes me up from one interesting dream. From the look on ma host's face she is not that pleased with me. I woke up, took a shower, prepared myself and departed without as much as being offered a cup of coffee, or tea.
Does my behavior make me a narcissistic son of the soil?? Well, that is anyone's guess. As far as I am concerned, the number one person I try to appease is I. The rest are in a queue behind. I know what most people would have done that night, but as I keep telling people, am not most people. It profits a man not to assume a virtue he poses not. For the soul that I let down, all I can say is............ Well, I don't know what to say.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Football is Here

Its 2010...the year for Africa. Ever since twas announced that South Africa will host one of the most coveted cups...everyone around me seem to have just got a shot of the Africa pride. Never have I seen such unification in my Life....the MTN advert of a man narrating bout the world cup could be no less true.

The games have started and everyone seem to be backing any African team on the field...not forgetting that they are not ever children of that nation. The sweet buzzing sounds of the vuvuzela fills the field every time an African state is in the field. But I wonder, what will happen when it comes to that point where 2 African nations will have to face each other?? Who will the people support??But that is not the biggest of my worries. What I wonder most is, what will come to replace the football madness once the games are over???

The madness though carries on. From people spending their savings for that trip down to the a big Bravia screen for they that a trip is just but a distant dream for now. But the biggest of them all is on facebook. Like half my friends list have changed their profile pics to country jerseys with a players number but their name on minute by minute update of what is happening on the field. Truth be told...I find it a little bit annoying. "People, we most...if not all watching the stop with the minute by minute update. Before you posted the foul, corner kick, poor attack strategy..I had seen it and a commentator commented on it too."

But all in all, this is a once in a life time opportunity. Let us celebrate it. To be honest, we not sure if the opportunity will come around anytime soon. Lets now wait and see if Africa as a continent is ready to host the Olypics.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Ever Seen A Donkey?

Ever seen a donkey
worked with a donkey
or a monkey
played with a monkey?
touched money?
yes, money
money to buy
buy a donkey
or a monkey?

What about a carrot
seen a carrot
played with a carrot
or maybe a ballot
ever touched a ballot
carried a ballot
held a carrot
dipped it in a ballot?

Bring me a hen
buy me a hen
cook me a hen
or a pen
buy me a pen
not cook me a pen
for my current pen
is an ink-less pen

Now that is life.
my life
But a good life
needs a wife
who has life
not a dead wife
from a past life
like my wife.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Job or Career

Was off for the past 2 days....felt so goo. so peaceful. But at one point, that break had to come to an end. Friday morning at 7:30am I report to the office. Upon arrival am handed the company Inter Badge by my supervisor and an allowance of last weeks work. I wait for the rest of the team to arrive. They all get their cards from the supervisor wen they arrive, then directed to me for their share of the allowance. We wait fo one hour...then 2...on the 3rd hour the supervisor comes back with a list. On it is the work schedule for the weekend to come. Am told that I have work on a Saturday at 12pm. The rest are told about their schedule. "You are now free to go about your business" says the supervisor.

Its 11am and am wondering where I'll go, what I'll do with the remaining part of the day. "Its too early to go back home" I say to myself. So I decide a stroll in town will do for me. I pop into an Mpesa joint to send cash to a friend in Uganda. A gun shot is heard from across the street I step out and see people rushing up and down. Some to the direction of the gun shot, others away from it. I choose the latter since am full aware that bullets have no GPRS navigation system directing them straight to the intended times they decide to choose another path.

I get into a cyber to check on my mails as I wait for a friend we do lunch. I open my blog and wonder what to write about... As I sit In the cyber, I can't help but wonder, "Why did I wake up at 8am only to be freed at 11am?" Makes no sense. But the greatest question I ask myself even now as I type this, "Do I have a Job or a Career?"

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Here lived a great street sweeper who did his job well.

I finally came to closing down my facebook account after I saw it was just a means of creating a bunch of lazy, monitor-glued, sit-glued , none-productive humans being. I decided to take up reading to cater for the endless hrs I was spending on facebook. Tis true what they say, "the fastest way to get rid of an addiction is by finding another one."

From my newly (not really newly, but more of a habit that needed to be returned) acquired habit of book reading, I picked a copy of Ben Carson book 'Think Big' and started page after the other. Reading how the author gave nothing but the best reminded me of the words our reverend/civil right activist. He said,
"If you are called to be a street sweeper, sweep streets even as Michelangelo painted, or Beethoven composed music, or Shakespeare wrote poetry. Sweep streets so well that all the hosts of heaven and earth will pause to say, 'Here lived a great street sweeper who did his job well."
So in whatever u decide to do, just give it ur all....and all the hosts of heaven and earth will pause to say, "Here lived a great street sweeper who did his job well."