Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Football is Here

Its 2010...the year for Africa. Ever since twas announced that South Africa will host one of the most coveted cups...everyone around me seem to have just got a shot of the Africa pride. Never have I seen such unification in my Life....the MTN advert of a man narrating bout the world cup could be no less true.

The games have started and everyone seem to be backing any African team on the field...not forgetting that they are not ever children of that nation. The sweet buzzing sounds of the vuvuzela fills the field every time an African state is in the field. But I wonder, what will happen when it comes to that point where 2 African nations will have to face each other?? Who will the people support??But that is not the biggest of my worries. What I wonder most is, what will come to replace the football madness once the games are over???

The madness though carries on. From people spending their savings for that trip down to the south....to a big Bravia screen for they that a trip is just but a distant dream for now. But the biggest of them all is on facebook. Like half my friends list have changed their profile pics to country jerseys with a players number but their name on it...to minute by minute update of what is happening on the field. Truth be told...I find it a little bit annoying. "People, we most...if not all watching the game...so stop with the minute by minute update. Before you posted the foul, corner kick, poor attack strategy..I had seen it and a commentator commented on it too."

But all in all, this is a once in a life time opportunity. Let us celebrate it. To be honest, we not sure if the opportunity will come around anytime soon. Lets now wait and see if Africa as a continent is ready to host the Olypics.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Ever Seen A Donkey?

Ever seen a donkey
worked with a donkey
or a monkey
played with a monkey?
touched money?
yes, money
money to buy
buy a donkey
or a monkey?

What about a carrot
seen a carrot
played with a carrot
or maybe a ballot
ever touched a ballot
carried a ballot
held a carrot
dipped it in a ballot?

Bring me a hen
buy me a hen
cook me a hen
or a pen
buy me a pen
not cook me a pen
for my current pen
is an ink-less pen

Now that is life.
my life
But a good life
needs a wife
who has life
not a dead wife
from a past life
like my wife.