Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Narcissistic Son of the Soil

Its evident that I have no romantic bone in my body. And if I did have one, lets just say its one of those rids the male species is told to have been knocked out and the rib taken from them. Reason am stating this is because, a while back I was at a friends place for a sleepover. And most if not all of us know how people most of this things go. Was sat at the sofa and my friend started to kiss me. She is cute and all, so I played along. A few minutes later we were both naked caressing, kissing.....well, u get the picture. The episode went on to the climax and after ones get to the peak....we 'cum' down. So we headed for the showers, took a shower and we were back to the sitting room. She served me dinner and we started watching a movie.

After the dinner and all, she comes to me with the pretext of 'let's go and sleep. Its late and I we both have an early morning'. Yah, right! I had just started watching another movie and I requested her to let me finish the movie then we go to bed. She kept insisting that we both retire to bed though it was may before midnight (I never get to bed before midnight).
So I told her to let me finish the movie then we can both retire to bed. At this juncture it was clear to her that I kinda value the movie more than her. I posses not mind reading powers so I can not state how that made her feel. She gracefully took an exit and went to bed. I watched that movie, finished it, then started another one. At around 4pm I woke up and found the movie running. So i turned everything off and slept on the sofa. 6:35am I tap on my shoulder wakes me up from one interesting dream. From the look on ma host's face she is not that pleased with me. I woke up, took a shower, prepared myself and departed without as much as being offered a cup of coffee, or tea.
Does my behavior make me a narcissistic son of the soil?? Well, that is anyone's guess. As far as I am concerned, the number one person I try to appease is I. The rest are in a queue behind. I know what most people would have done that night, but as I keep telling people, am not most people. It profits a man not to assume a virtue he poses not. For the soul that I let down, all I can say is............ Well, I don't know what to say.

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