Friday, March 19, 2010

Job or Career

Was off for the past 2 days....felt so goo. so peaceful. But at one point, that break had to come to an end. Friday morning at 7:30am I report to the office. Upon arrival am handed the company Inter Badge by my supervisor and an allowance of last weeks work. I wait for the rest of the team to arrive. They all get their cards from the supervisor wen they arrive, then directed to me for their share of the allowance. We wait fo one hour...then 2...on the 3rd hour the supervisor comes back with a list. On it is the work schedule for the weekend to come. Am told that I have work on a Saturday at 12pm. The rest are told about their schedule. "You are now free to go about your business" says the supervisor.

Its 11am and am wondering where I'll go, what I'll do with the remaining part of the day. "Its too early to go back home" I say to myself. So I decide a stroll in town will do for me. I pop into an Mpesa joint to send cash to a friend in Uganda. A gun shot is heard from across the street I step out and see people rushing up and down. Some to the direction of the gun shot, others away from it. I choose the latter since am full aware that bullets have no GPRS navigation system directing them straight to the intended times they decide to choose another path.

I get into a cyber to check on my mails as I wait for a friend we do lunch. I open my blog and wonder what to write about... As I sit In the cyber, I can't help but wonder, "Why did I wake up at 8am only to be freed at 11am?" Makes no sense. But the greatest question I ask myself even now as I type this, "Do I have a Job or a Career?"

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