Monday, June 20, 2011

If Tomorrow Never Comes

I’m sure most of us if not all have had these lyrics by Garth Brooks.

If tomorrow never comes
Will she know how much I loved her
Did I try in every way
To show her every day
That she's my only one
If my time on earth were through
And she must face the world without me
Is the love I gave her in the past
Gonna be enough to last
If tomorrow never come

I listened to the song yesterday and a storm of thoughts came upon me. It made me wonder; have I done enough, said enough, shown enough to those around me for them to actually get what I actually feel and thing of them?? No one thing is certain in this world other than death itself. One can be health and breathing one moment and gone the next carrying with them all that laid in their heart and mind. Well, I now take this opportunity to say that which is in my mind, heart, or even both. (Names not mentioned for security reasons)

Bro from another mother
I wonder who went astray….your dad or mine….lol. But you the one person I’d count on when passing through butter or emery cloth. You are the one person that will tell me the truth even when it’s a bitter pill to swallow. For all that I thank you. O! and thanks for your stories, they always remind me am not the only one whose life is all twisted….hahaha

Am sure out there in one of the parallel universe, a me is saying to a version of you
When I see your face
There's not a thing that I would change
Cause you're amazing
Just the way you are
And when you smile,
The whole world stops and stares for awhile
Cause girl you're amazing
Just the way you are

Musical accountant
Your wits and comic statements remind me of Hiro Nakamura……am not sure if this is the reason I got, or had (my mind and body seem to be communicating on different frequencies) a crush you :-)

The actor
Never in my life have I met someone who carries a past as heavy as yours so gracefully. Most people would be damaged or broken by now. At times I wonder if you are a serial killer….lol – most people as complex as you are turn out to be. I envy and admire you. I still admire your ‘John Travolta’ chin. Can I have it and sire kids with it??? Lol

The Hippie
Weed consumer, tree huger, and the only Oreo friend I got. You’re so horribly white it’s not even funny…..from your dressing, to your dancing. Were it not for the fact you were my friend, I’d have called Cartman to come kick yah ass…

You claim that my perspective of the world and all it holds is weird and psychotic….but I beg to differ. But on that note, u one complex fella, more like a rubik’s cube….am yet to decipher you.

Am sure most of you will think that using a blog to convey the above message is a sign of weakness and cowardice, but a brother got to start somewhere, right?? Now lemme gather more courage and soon I'll do it face-to-face


  1. Hey, i dnt do weed.. anymore that is.. =) .. glad to be called ur friend.. =)

  2. U stopped??? now there goes one of my comic relief :-(