Monday, May 16, 2011

Always Tell The Truth No Matter What

A kid is in the playground one day and hears the word ‘Msenge’ shouted. That evening he goes back to home and asks the dad,
“Eeh baba, neno *Msenge* lamaanisha nini??
The dad embarased replies, “Lamaanisha rafiki mwanangu.”
A while later the kid gets to learn a new word….goes back home and asks the dad;
“Eeh baba, neno *Kuma* lamaanisha nini???
The dad both shocked and embarased tells the son;
“Lamaanisha Mwavuli”
One evening the son comes back with another new word picked from the playground.
“Baba, neno *Fira* lamaanisha??”
The dad is so emparassed that he cannot look the kid in the eyes…but he decide to reply
“Lamaanisha kuoga mwanangu.”

One day the rain is heavily pouring and the kid is indoors when there is a knock at the door. He goes to open and his dad’s friends are out there.
“Shikamo *Wasenge* wa baba??”
The visitors are infuriated by the kid’s utterance.
“Karibuni ndani na muziache *Kuma* zenyu hapo inje zinyunyize maji”
The men cannot believe their ears. They are infuriated. They ask the boy where the dad is for they’d wish to speak to him.
The boy replies, “Baba yuko juu yuafira”

ALWAYS TELL THE TRUTH. Its better than the alternative....

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